Our payment methods.

We using two payment methods, paypal and webmoney.


You can buy domain with paypal at namehub.net directly. Our control panel uses built-in paypal payment gateway, so where is no need to redirect to any third-party host, except paypal.com. Paypal is wide known and the most secure payment system.

To pay domain via paypal follow such simple steps:
  • 1. Login to the control panel at namehub.net.
  • 2. select "My billing" menu item
  • 3. select "add funds" in the pulldown menu
  • 4. select Paypal payment gateway.
  • 5. enter amount to add to your debt account
  • 6. Follow all steps of Paypal payment wizard
  • 7. Don’t forget to return to the namehub.net control panel after transaction completes.


The alternative method to add funs to your namehub.net account is webmoney. Webmoney is another popular payment system. It uses small windows or android application to process payments. You must be registered at wmtransfer.com system firstly and add funds to your webmoney account. Webmoney operates it’s internal money equivalent witch can be exchanged to US dollars, Euros and Bitcoins. NameHub.net billing system process webmoney transactions via built-in webmoney payment gateway. NameHub.Net approved by webmoney system and has merchant certificate.

You can pay any order via Webmoney. To process any order you must add funds to the current debt balance.
  • 1. Login to the control panel at namehub.net.
  • 2. select "My billing" menu item
  • 3. select "add funds" in the pulldown menu
  • 4. choose "webmoney Z" payment gateway and process all payment wizard strictly. Don't forget to click the last link of the wizard to return back to the control panel.

Litecoin and DASH

We have added Litecoin and DASH payment in test mode. The cryptocoin market is still growing and where can be some changes in payment process. Cryptocoin transaction speed can depend on current transaction fee and mempool size. Don`t forget to pay exactly ammount listed by payment gateway, otherwice your payment can`t be processed automaticaly.


You can refund unused funds from your account in any time. Just fill simple form to place an order for refund transaction. It is possible to refund to any other webmoney or paypal address but transaction can be delayed a little in this case. To make a refund you have to fill in simple form in the control panel. It is not possible to cancel most of orders with full refund after processing. Some domain and SSL certificate orders can be canceled in a few days after purchase via service control panel.

Feel free to ask any questions.